If you aren't local to San Diego, online training is perfect for you! My online training packages include: 

  • 30 minute phone or Skype consultation about goals 

  • Full meal plan with macros and calories, acceptable seasonings and sauces, and water and supplement intake  

  • Weekly check ins with pictures 

  • Access to my personal cell for questions or concerns when needed


If you are local to San Diego, I recommend my personal training services for extra guidance and motivation! Each package includes:

  • Customized, guided workouts and stretching

  • At-home or gym workouts to help you get extra workouts on your own

  • Nutritional guidance based on your lifestyle and goals

  • Access to my personal cell for questions or concerns when needed

I am not a doctor or a dietician.  The information I provide is based on personal experience, education, and experience as a Personal Trainer.  Any recommendations I may make about weight training, nutrition, supplements or lifestyle, or information provided to you in person or on this website should be discussed between you and your doctor, as the information you receive in our emails, programs, services and products does not take the place of professional medical advice.