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Growing up, I had always dreamed of becoming a runway model.


After being told I was too short and not "thin" enough  (98 lbs at 5'2"), I became obsessed with achieving that "perfect" look and developed a severe eating disorder. I stopped eating and tried achieving the skinny look they wanted. Several times I ended up in the hospital being fed with an IV as the doctors did test after test. I finally decided it had to end.


I began working out and fueling my body with healthy balanced meals. I decided to attend CSU Monterey Bay and major in Kinesiology (exercise science) and help others discover their strength, too.


I graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and obtained my ACSM personal training certification. I have owned my personal training business for over 6 years and have a background in bodybuilding and competing.


My clients range from athletes to those with special health conditions, and others who are just looking to lose or gain weight. Whatever your goals, it is my mission to help you achieve them - and to help you see your incredible self in a whole new light. 

Assistant Trainer Sonjia Escudero

My name is Alexa Young

Hello! With over 6 years of a dedicated fitness journey, I'm passionate about helping others unlock their full potential through personalized training. As a hybrid athlete, I bring a diverse approach to fitness. I have my Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from San Diego State University. 


From competing in bodybuilding shows to gearing up for my first half marathon, I embrace a variety of disciplines – including Functional training, running, and resistance training.


My mantra is simple – prioritize mental health in your fitness journey. I believe in fostering a sustainable, balanced lifestyle that enhances overall wellness.


I'm not just a trainer; I'm an advocate for stepping out of your comfort zone. Your goals are my mission. I'm dedicated to understanding your unique needs, crafting personalized plans, and guiding you towards a healthier and happier you.

The Studio
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Your training takes place in a private studio. No membership fees and no crazy gym rush: just a personal session in a quiet environment where we can focus on crushing your goals.


3425 fifth avenue unit 4

San Diego, CA 92103



6:30AM - 7:00PM

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